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Can Prue Muirhead help me get better rental returns, really?

Yes, normally she can. Prue’s background is finding, manufacturing and creating positive geared property and guest speaking about her experiences with simple ways to add value to any rental property.  Although she cannot guarantee any property can become positive geared, she can help lift your rental returns to help your cash flow, as this is what she teaches and does personally.


How do I move the management of my property to Muirhead Property Management, if I already have a tenant in place and another property management business looking after my property?

This is actually a simple process and will be completely handled by Muirhead Property Management.  If your Management Agreement has expired with your current property manager, you will only be required to send them a simple email/letter to advise them that Muirhead Property Management will be managing your property (this is all you are required to do). There could be a small waiting period that was agreed on, when you first signed the management agreement.  When this waiting period has expired (or your property manager has chosen to waiver the waiting period) Muirhead Property Management will visit your property manager, collect your properties file (including keys, leases, bond forms, photos, ingoing inspections and any ledgers etc) and simply start communicating with your tenant. Trusting your tenant is not in arrears, there is no cost associated with this service, or loss of rent and Muirhead Property Management will handle everything!


How long does it take Muirhead Property Management to start advertising my property for rent?

This is an incredibly quick process.  As long as Muirhead Property Management (or their photographer) can access your property for the purpose of taking photos, this process can be as little as 1 business day!


If my tenant is moving out at the end of the lease, when will you start advertising for a new tenant?

Muirhead  Property Management will always start advertising your property to rent, prior to your tenants vacating.  Generally it is best to start promoting your property 4 weeks prior to the tenants exit date (season dependant) to ensure we have a tenant ready to move into your property ASAP.  This will save you rental income and this is absolutely necessary for the best returns on your investment (your investment property).


I  rarely heard from my previous property manager unless there was a problem, how often will we hear from Muirhead Property Management?

As often as you would like us to contact you!  Prue Muirhead will cover this with you when you first list your property with Muirhead Property Management.  We (Prue and Andy) have always been frustrated that we only ever hear from our property managers when there is a problem, so this will be left up to you to decide how often you would like to hear from us. 

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